Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a few weeks ago I attended Nancy Crow's class "Improvisations: Let's Experiment". It was a two week class at her Timber Frame Barn in Ohio. An awesome experience to be had by all! Make the opportunity and GO!

During the class we used several different methods of construction and composition...

This Black and white was the first of it's kind.

Nancy uses black and white as it's high contrast more easily creates figure/ground.

This second piece is multi-coloured; blue greys and red-violets.

Here the figure is the lightest grey (appears white on the screen).

At home I began this composition in blues and greens. The lightest green (appears grey) is the figure although it is not a clear one. Somehow it must be resolved...

And finally when I was composing the 'Opposites Attract' challenge I made strip sets that ultimately I did not use. This weekend I got them out and pulled them into a composition. Quite a departure from the solid colours and languid lines of the other pieces here, but I think a similar light. What do you think?