Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mandala How To!

A little earlier than the usual Mandala Monday
I just finished doing a one minute presentation showing a mandala being created -- one line at a time...
If you are in the area come join me at Mid-South Doodlers, Tuesday September 3, 2013. We meet from 7pm - 9pm at StudioNysha in Bartlett.
I will be doing a full demo this month. Then you can try. No need for supplies I will have some you can use!

Questions. Just ask!

Mid-South Doodlers meets the 1st Tuesday of each month. Join US!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013


6 x 6
Mixed media on paper

Somedays I think I am connected to those around me and other days I feel alone.
I start with an intention and most days I feel I have met my intention and have connected.
Then I listen to peoples' response and find that they are having an all together different experience.
And how many times do you have to hear the same thing before you are confronted with the truth of it?
"When we try to describe the truth with words, we distort it and it's no longer truth -- it's out story. The story may be true for us, but that doesn't mean it's try for anyone else." Miguel Ruiz

What does it mean to connect?
How do you try and connect with others?
What gives you the sense that you have been successful connecting with others?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving Days

6 x 6
Mixed media on paper
So Mandala Mondays look like they will be relocated to Tuesdays.
Monday will be my new Sunday - the second day of my weekend.
A consistent day off is a good thing. Something you can plan around, count on.
I foresee that Saturdays will be busy at StudioNysha. And while not specifically a day in the studio it is a day spent doing quilt related things as there are three bees that meet on Saturdays.
It is also a popular class day.
While I relish routine there is something to say for flexibility. I am working on that one!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ever have one of those days? The kind where nothing seems to go according to plan. They are not always bad -- sometimes the unexpected is better then what we planned. Too often we are so attached to what we want to happen that we fail to see the miracle in the present that IS happening.
This has been my week. Work crews scheduled then not coming one day and showing up another time. Plans for one day moved to another due to those schedule changes. And time being made for the  forgotten...
Except that I forgot to post the Monday Mandala yesterday, Monday! Although Tuesday is not Monday is it not Friday either.
Enjoy the miracle that comes unexpectedly to your life!
Mixed media on paper
6 x 6

Monday, August 5, 2013


6 x 6
Mixed media on paper
Sometimes the only way to finish a chore it to plow ahead and how for the best. Dividing up the tasks into more manageable bites can be a good approach.
So many times when a mandala is underway it seems to be going the wrong direction; those colours don't look good together, that pattern is [dull, too dark, too similar...]. I find that if I keep going that the end result is always better than I expected at that moment of doubt. More often that not the problem area is no longer offensive.
Keep working and the result might surprise you!