Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doing the Doodle

Recently I gave a presentation to Picking Up the Pieces in Cordova, Tennessee. I created an outline, copied it so that everyone could have a one and do a doodle. These are the one's I have gotten back so far.
Ellie's Doodle

Nanette's Doodle
Christopher's Doodle
Bethany's Doodle

 Here is the original outline. Can you see the 'Q' for quilting?
Original Outline
I added repetitive lines to create pattern
Preliminary Patterns
and then filled in some of the resulting shapes with more lines or filled them in with solid black.
Second layer of pattern

If you would like to do a doodle please click 'Q' Outline and print out your copy. (I think you have to right click and download then print. Not sure - let me know!) Then e-mail me and I will add it. Enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Doodle Quilting

I recently finished a new presentation "Pattern and Doodle" all about the exploration of pattern and creating pattern through 'Doodling'. Like the ZenTangle craze, doodling is all about simple lines and shapes repeated over and over to create a pattern. I doodle with my sewing machine on fabric as well as with ink on paper.
Here is a video talking about how...
Doodle Quilting with commentary from Nysha Oren on Vimeo.

Interested in a Free Motion Quilting class? One is scheduled for the beginning of March. Come and join us. Contact me for more information.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Link of Interest -- from "Pattern and Doodle"

Notes from my presentation "Pattern and Doodle" given at Picking Up the Pieces" last night in Cordova.

Nysha Oren’s Pinterest boards

Sharon Schamber videos on hand basting 

*Portable sewing table THIS is the most amazing, well designed thing you could get for your studio! Especially useful if you ever sew out of your studio; retreat, classes... 

Marguerita McManus - inexpensive “sewing table”

Leah Day’s 365 day quilt designs ( 365 different quilt fill patterns)

Lisa Calle - divide and conquer especially the entry titled “May 26 2012”

Linda and Laura Kemshall, Design Matters TV (subscriptions from $50 - 110. Well worth it. Very educational. Always inspirational.)

Pattern Print Journal

The Zentangle sites

Laura Harm’s blog - home of the weekly Zentangle challenge (loads of eye candy links!) 
Idea - start at Laura’s site, scroll down to a challenge post and at the end of the post click on the name of a participating person and look at their work. Run down the list!

Bits and Pieces Etc (Barbara and Nancy)

This Colossal
Elena Nuez (not English and yet one of my favorite blogs I subscribe to!)