Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally DOing IT!

How exciting is the moment you ACTUALLY do what you have dreamed of?
I have owned a HandiQuilter for three years (purchased at Quilt Show by the Sea 2006)-- the purchase was made to draw with my needle. It sat in my studio for a while jut taking up space... then in a box. Last summer I pulled it out and purchased the table, FINALLY!
This year I have committed to learn to use it or to get it out of my studio (it's large!).
So far this year I have quilted five lap quilts. Utilitarian in nature to get my feet wet and learn some basics about my machine...
Well I decided enough was enough and have started a drawing... (Based on current drawings from Contemporary Realist Academy)

So here she is in process... to the right, on top, is a slide show of the process of creating the head (really just her hair).
What fun!

Please let me know what you think!