Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doodling Around

I have always doodled. From the margins of notebooks in school to a quilt recently. I find myself with a pen or pencil in my hand making repetitive marks that turn into patterns or messes. I seem to do it a lot.

Not all of it was uninformed -- I have had inspiration along the way.
Especially from the new craze, Zentangle... is the official site
another site with great information on various patterns is it is literally a clearing house of patterns.

Now just so you understand - the whole idea of Zentangles is a few simple marks repeated to create seemingly complex designs. And it is doodling with the intent to have a quiet, meditative moment.
And really it is doodling. So don't think you have to get a book. Of work on square paper like they do. You can doodle with purpose and have fun! THAT is the point.
Not to mention that I find it a great way to think about repetitive patterns and how they are created to then recreate them in thread...
If you have any questions or I can assist in some way. Please let me know.

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