Saturday, May 31, 2008

From me Lovinger-ly

Months ago I was reading an e-mail digest when Margot Lovinger's name came up. I clicked the link and went to view her site AMAZING. Not much longer I learned of a class with her. You can guess what happened next!

I trekked to upstate New York to the beautiful town of Greenville and the Greenville Arms. The Arms is a charming B and B with art classes/workshops. For five and a half days Margot lovingly supervised our efforts and shared her techniques. She is a most interesting person with a truly great eye and spirit. I enjoyed her as much as the knowledge.

To start I took a picture or some beets. Well it was supposed to be a simple image. I thought two beets were simple. I ended up cropping it down to one whole leaf and part of another. Simpl-ER...

Layers of tulle tacked down all creating light and shadow whose colors shift as the viewer moves slightly giving life and depth to the piece. Not the quickest stuff and yet breath taking. Well at least hers is -- I have some time to put in to the technique before mastery!

So here is my beet... can't wait to get started on a figure!

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WanderingProphet said...

Great job. The images look awesome against the dark back ground.