Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drawing, Pick your tool...

There are few times in life that things seem to flow, work together in the manner you intend. This is one of the times it has for me.
This is charcoal on paper of a model at the Atelier, finished this month (15 x 11)
I love this image. Bathed in soft light the figure sleeps (she really did fall asleep) unaware of being watched. Subdued shadows define the form resting on the draped bed.
What does this make you think of? Perhaps it looks familiar? This is the same pose as an older post, but from the other side of the room.
I am in the process of doing the "Artist Way" by Julia Cameron. Part of the process includes weekly 'Artist's Date' or a time each week when you do an activity designed to feed your Inner Artist. This week I got finger paints and had a blast!
Here are three of my favorites:
First swirled on with no fingers, Next swirled on, finger swirled on half the sheet of paper then folded over to create mirror images,
and a Mono-print (made by swirling on paint, finger swirling and then placing paper on top of wet paint).
This date was so much better than last week when I purchased a few toys from the dollar store. One was a gun that shoots ping pong balls whose trigger broke on the first shot. Expensive toy!

And last, but definitely not least is out new puppy. Isn't he cute! And looks like a handfull at the same time, no?

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