Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally DOing IT!

How exciting is the moment you ACTUALLY do what you have dreamed of?
I have owned a HandiQuilter for three years (purchased at Quilt Show by the Sea 2006)-- the purchase was made to draw with my needle. It sat in my studio for a while jut taking up space... then in a box. Last summer I pulled it out and purchased the table, FINALLY!
This year I have committed to learn to use it or to get it out of my studio (it's large!).
So far this year I have quilted five lap quilts. Utilitarian in nature to get my feet wet and learn some basics about my machine...
Well I decided enough was enough and have started a drawing... (Based on current drawings from Contemporary Realist Academy)

So here she is in process... to the right, on top, is a slide show of the process of creating the head (really just her hair).
What fun!

Please let me know what you think!


lyric said...

oh so totally cool!
Beautifully done portraiture.

This is the month that my own handi-quilter gets USED!!! after sitting and waiting almost a year for me to catch up on deadlines.

Can't wait.

Marti L said...

This is so wonderful. I love that the lines have curves rather than sharp edges.

norma said...

That's pretty amazing. When I looked at the bigger view and saw all those loopy lines and what you achieved with them. Wow! I love it!

Virginia said...

Beautiful -- very original. She is lovely.

pierced1 said...

I have no clue what a handi-quilter is...but it looks pretty cool.

Brenda Groelz said...

Nysha, Your work is beautiful and I am very happy that you are accomplishing great things with your HQ Sixteen Sit-down machine from Handi Quilter. We're very proud to be a very small part of your success. I hope you're enjoying all of that SPACE for quilting!
Best regards,
Brenda Groelz
Director of Marketing & Education
Handi Quilter

Ann Renee Lighter said...

Beautiful work and such thought provoking questions posed on your blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts.
I met you once many years ago when you were visiting your family. I am their next door neighbor. Small world !
My blog is here too:
Your quilting is amazing!