Monday, June 8, 2009

The Kemshalls are a brilliant mother and daughter team who create great art, specializing in fiber, write books and have an on line degree programme. I have just enrolled in their class on Patchwork and Quilting for City and Guilds.

One of the first assignments is a paper about colour.

I love colour -- of course I am an artist!

I am fascinated by how colours interact with each other. So I have taken a piece I did a couple of years ago and photographed it on several different backgrounds.

Primarily made up of blue and green fabrics with orange threads I wondered how would it appear is different settings?

On white (top picture)

On soft Blue and tan print (second)

On a blue, green and tan batik (third)

And finally on a soft red and cream check (last)

How do you perceive them differently? Some backgrounds blend into the quilt more while others stand out and detract. Interesting which does what!

The implications are interesting... what colour have you painted and does it really set off your art, that rug?

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