Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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We had a great trip to New Orleans recently. Enjoyed great visual feasts and awesome culinary ones as well as finding great people with terrific spirits and the stories that come with them...

In the culinary world we went to Muriel's, Stanley, Stella and Irene's. Interesting that they are all people names. The food was at least good and at best mind blowing. Stanley has THE Gumbo of Life! It is the flavor you are looking for in the world of gumbos. I then had a version of 'eggs benedict' with soft shell crab that was so yummy. Our waiter at Stanley was Nate. Nate is a great waiter. The kind of waiter who spoils you for any other. Knowledgeable about the menu and passionate about food and the whole of New Orleans. That night for dinner he waited on us at Stella (Stanley's big sister). At Stella we had a culinary experience that included tasting things I THOUGHT I had had previously, but their preparation made me question that -- Foie Gras and Marshmallows (not together). The former had a completely different texture and taste than I had had before, the latter literally melted in my mouth. The entire meal was a culinary orgy of delight and new flavor couplings. The staff was friendly, courteous and beyond efficient.

Our last night was the trip to Irene's, a little Italian place which fulfills every picture you have of that "little Italian place." Great Crab au gratin, a caesar that was what cesars are meant to be, and osso bucco. Need I say more?

We meet great people like the woman at 'The Idea Factory' ( or the proprietress of The Magic Box ( or the weaver at Louisiana Loomworks ( Great people and terrific merchandise.

Hope you enjoy the images from the trip and visit some of these places on your trip to the French Quarter.

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