Sunday, April 18, 2010

I could not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes! Yesterday my neighbor called to say she had seen a peacock in her yard. This may not strike you as odd if you know we live in the country. To me it was a shock. I had no idea that peacocks would live around here... In Tennessee?!
Today she called again, "He is headed down the hill to your place."
Out the door I flew with my new "Flip Mino" and shot this video.
The video is five minutes long. About two and a half minutes in the peacock moves and he strolls across the screen
I still can not believe that I saw a peacock in my woods!


Marilyn said...

Peacocks (and their hens) used to roam loose at the zoo when I was a child. This was a long time ago, obviously. I guess if they have shelter during cold weather they can survive this climate. Did you hear the weird call they make?

Nysha said...

I have heard it, growing up there were Peacocks being raised a few houses away from us. Not a pleasant sound!