Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praise for Carol

Last week I returned home from Whidbey Island, Washington, a short fairy ride from Seattle. It is a charming little coastal area in al the ways one would expect.
I was there to take a class from Carol Soderlund
She is a genius who teaches about colour. I took 'Color Mixing For Dyers'. A terrific introduction to color, dying and how to get predictable and repeatable results.
I say she is a genius because, well it's true. The reason is her mind. She not only has a colour theory that opened my eyes to colour in a new way and answered many questions I had, but her method of problem solving is phenomenal. Talk about a beautiful mind!

The other terrific outcome from the class was a swatch book. Swatches we dyed in class for over a thousand colours. A beautiful thing. Now the only thing that remains is to dye some fabric!

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mad elena said...

Hey Nysha,
Beautiful fabric you've made.
I took a week with Carol at the Barn. Now I'm just dyeing to create some terrific neutrals.