Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Optical Quilt Finished - almost!

Last fall at the UnCommon Threads Guild Retreat I took a class from Vanessa McCallum on her optic quilt, a circular checkerboard pattern. Vanessa sews two sets of strips, one light and one dark and cuts them using a 10 degree ruler for wedge shaped pieces that are then put together.
The piecing went together easily. I was finished a couple hours after class ended.
At home I decided it needed corners. And I discovered I did not have enough fabric. So I ordered some from http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/ and waited...
And after the fabric came and was laundered it took weeks to get inspired to put the corners on... then took a while to begin quilting it. But I finally began last week.
THEN I had issues with my machine. I was trying to place long curvy lines, but could not get them smooth. Partly it was not having enough dexterity and there are two places on my quilting frame where there are bloop zones - the machine suddenly goes contrary to my movements...
After ripping out for an hour I returned to my Bernina and quilted some.
Then inspiration hit - I have a sit down table for my Handi Quilter! I drug it out of the attic and took the machine off the frame and am newly in love!
Since finishing the quilting portion I have started the painting portion. It will be a lengthy process as I can only stand the tedium for an hour or so at a time and can not do it for the entire day. It will be a great time to work on other things as well -- as if I were ever too focused for too long!
I will post some detail shot of the painting soon...

Here is the address for the creator of the 10 degree ruler.

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