Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Connect the Dot Design

UnCommon Threads Quilt Guild Retreat is coming up in November. My class, Connect the Dot Design is filling up fast! This is a little information about the supplies... plus a visual aid (love them!).

Connect the Dot Design

Supply List

Fine Tip Sharpie

Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie

Pencil (mechanical pencil is preferred*)

Pencil sharpener (for 2 mm mechanical or wooden**)

Straight Edge or Drafting Ruler

Eraser (pink rectangular with angled edge)

Notes on Supplies --

*I prefer a 2 mm Mechanical pencil (often labeled Drafting Pencil) as it is a little thicker than the 5 mm or 9 mm pencils. This preference id due to drawing with them and having a heavy hand that breaks finer leads. Use what you have, or is most available/cheap!

**When you choose a finer/thinner lead there is no need for a sharpener. With a 2 mm or a wooden pencil there is. These two require different sharpeners. No matter which you choose if it does not have a built in container to capture the shavings please bring a small container for that purpose!

ALSO - a drafting ruler or straight edge (Some times labeled a Grid Ruler) is a good tool to have. Rotary cutting rulers work, but the thickness of them is cumbersome. Using other items, like the edge of a pad or book also works -- seeing through the straight edge is invaluable!

***Don’t let anything get in your way! A pencil with an eraser will suffice. The other supplies just make it simpler and more accurate.

Kit Contains

Copy Paper

Card Stock

Tracing Paper

Layout Grids and Graph Paper

Things you will need to do more at home

*Exacto knife (with new blade or extra blades) or Box Cutter

Small cutting mat (12 x 12 or similar)

Square Rotary Cutting Ruler (9.5 x 9.5)

Screw Punch or Hole Punch and Hammer

I will have Punches in class for use and sharing - if you have one bring it.

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