Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Last Fall I went to Baltimore Ohio to attend a three day quilting class at the Crow Timber Frame Barn. It was a terrific experience.
For those of you unfamiliar with 'The Barn' it is an ancient structure that Nancy Crow moved and rejuvenated into classroom facilities with a dining hall. Set on her pastoral and picturesque farm it is the perfect retreat from daily chores to focus on learning.
Sandra Palmer Ciolino is the perfect instructor for those looking to understand and master quilting. Patient, wise and focused she is not only adept at quilting herself she also has a background in education that assists in your learning! If you have quilted a little or not at all you can benefit from her instruction not to mention the scores of quilted sample she has for every idea. I had no idea what beautiful results could be achieved with a walking foot!

A great opportunity for learning AND getting away!

Above is a design I developed in Sandy's class in 2011.

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Kit Vincent said...

love this design of yours + Inspired title!