Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The holidays have been great. I always enjoy the process of trimming the tree. More specifically I love getting the ornaments out, looking at them, reminiscing over where they came from, whom, what trip, what little shop. This little guy is one perfect example. When I was growing up my family had an ornament identical to this one. I hated it. Who knows why! I just did.

Until one holiday season we had a fire and though not a big fire much of the tree was destroyed -- including Santa. A few years later, having my own tree I missed this ornament. I began a casual search for him.

That was in 1992. And every time I was in an antique store I would look for this ornament. Finally this year my partner found it on line. So now he has been restored to my tree!

Another ornament that did not survive the fire was a paper angel that my Aunt had cut -- two angel silhouetted face to face with wings spread. I guess that was one of the places that cut paper became such a fascination.

Now I have graduated to folded paper.
I watched a video on "tea paper folding" on YouTube. Basically it is diagonal folds creating a dimensional triangle that can then be nestled into another...

Then I took that simple idea and played.

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