Monday, May 13, 2013

Mandala Monday

I have long been mad for mandalas. Even before that I was crazy for circles and fell to pieces over great pattern.
All my loves are beginning to come together in a rather grandly scaled project, a six foot by six foot installation of six inch square mandalas.
Let me  back up a bit...
I designed several dozen (six or so) mandalas as a reaction to violence (see previous post here) I printed a few before attending the Studio Art Quilt Associates Conference in Santa Fe at the end of April to use during the 'Artist Speed Dating' event. (Great Fun!)
While at the conference I heard a talk by Pat Pauly and was inspired to begin this project.
Thus begins Mandala Mondays... I will share what I am doing in the creation of one hundred and forty four of these illustrated mandalas. (Yes! Your math was correct. I have a ton to do!)
Here is the first.

6" x 6"
multi media on paper

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