Friday, August 15, 2008

Lacey FUN!

Machine Lace, or fabric made from bits of yarn, thread and fabric trapped between two layers of water soluble stabilizer sewn into a fabric. It is loads of fun and simple.

I created this piece (about 8 x 11) in under an hour. Not bad if you consider that I can create what I want, combinations of color, a specific texture or pattern, basically from scratch.

Here is how: lay a piece of Water Soluble Stabilizer on a work surface. Spray with 505 (temporary adhesive) and sprinkle shards of fabric, yarn, threads onto surface laden stabilizer. These shards are easily cut by laying down small pieces of fabric (You know those bits you cut off of everything; squaring up a block, bits left from fussy cut projects, even botched blocks...) and cutting with rotary cutter. Just roll blade forward over fabric and back again, angling at each pass to create smaller and smaller piece.

Spray a light coat of 505 over the top of fabric and threads. A second layer of stabilizer goes on top. Press lightly. Transfer to sewing machine and stitch. I start with one line of stitching down the center and then going around the circumference. From there you can do whatever. If you don't feel comfortable with free motion the is great practice just drop those feed dogs and go for it! Just remember that you need lots of crossing lines of stitching and it will all distort in the end.

Drop the completely stitched piece into hot tap water and swish about for a minute or so. I usually drain and add more water and then rinse (not the manufacturer's directions, just what I do, you should start with the manufacturer's directions.). I dry like fine knit wear, roll in a bath towel and then kneed. This will leave it damp. You can let it air dry -- I use an iron an medium (watch your fabric and thread content here) and finish drying.

Now you have a beautiful element for to use however your heart desires.

Here is another. I added the machine lace to two quilted pieces layered atop each other and beads.

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