Monday, August 25, 2008

Decorating walls and more...

Tape. I hate taping when I paint a wall. Over the years and dozens of rooms I have developed great skill at cutting in, partially in an effort to avoid taping. Why then you might ask would I undertake a panel effect that requires miles of tape per wall. Maybe insanity or perhaps laziness... Sounds illogical? Not when you consider painting a rectangle around a wall is simpler than painting the wall! And the look is dramatic... What do you think? Perhaps I should finish hanging the art and ask again!

Portraiture -- that is a topic I am passionate about. And somehow I have not felt the freedom to create one. I guess I have been waiting for the magic 'feeling' that I was ready. So I looked at some source material and started one of a friend. Of course I chose to execute it in embroidered back stitch, a slow process I seem to not be motivated to work with... I may finish this sometime before the end of this millennium.

This weekend I went to a friends house and next to her garden, full of beautiful Zinnia's was a calf. The little guy was born with his feet turned under, thus his proximity to the house. (He is doing fine.) He was so cute. I have never seen such eyelashes (that didn't come in a package), so long and thick! The joys of living in the country.

What experiances have you had with animals, either wild or livestock?

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