Monday, September 1, 2008


I had the opportunity yesterday to just 'be'. I was outside sitting for quite a long time. I noticed all the various greens of plants, the crystal blue sky as it reached from one tree lined horizon to another, the quiet and solitude of the country...

Then I noticed the grass. There were a few blades of grass where I was sitting that were taller than the others. I watched them shiver in the wind. Then it occurred to me -- what if they aren't shivering, but dancing, swaying. Firmly rooted in the soil they are free to bend and twist with the whims of the wind without consequence or harm.

It was a beautiful realization. For how often have I looked at my life as something at the effect of a force outside myself. What if it is all perception? If I am rooted in my values and goals life may happen around me and yet I am strong. My family and friends give me strength and grounding to enjoy the winds life blowing at me.

If I pay attention that is...

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