Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Summer has been busy.
A new irrigation system was installed just before the rainy season...
I gave a presentation of my work to Uncommon Threads, my quilt guild in Memphis (actually Germantown) and as Challenge Chairperson I gave a class for all participants of the challenge.

Amidst all this a few friends and I got together and dyed fabric. Twenty two yards is what I dyed that Saturday.
Pictured at right is Marge laying her purple graduations out to rinse on Arlene's awesome rinsing rack! What an ingenious way to rinse.

One thing new I tried was a 'parfait' from Ann Johnston's book "Color by Accident"
This parfait was done with first one yard of fabric in a bucket with red dye then a second yard and blue and finally a third yard and more red. Each colour sat for twenty minutes before the next was added and no stirring occurred until the end producing mottled and varied cloths.
I took those three fabrics along with white and made a quilt for Quilts of Valor. They give quilts to all returning service men and women.
Check out their website

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