Saturday, January 9, 2010


In an effort to increase my aptitude in drawing I thought I would turn to a standby, Contour Drawing.
For those of you who have forgotten or blocked it out of your memory - in elementary school we drew our hands without looking at them. That was called a blind contour drawing. It produces weird drawings that rarely look like the object that was drawn. The idea is not recreating the object but rather to study and look at it, especially the edges. For me trying to move my eye and my hand at the same rate is the challenge. And on a domestic sewing machine so I am in effect moving my paper...
If you are thinking that it looks good that is because after doing three blind contours I did a contour drawing looking at the object. Here are the first three. (above is three blind contours and a drawing)

From an etching book. Three blind contours and then coloured pencil

A tulip from a magazine ad. Three blind contours, a drawing and then fabric paint. Seed stitching fills the background.

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