Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Size Matters?

Once the corners and boarders were applied to the half square medallion quilt top the next issue was what to put on the back!
At 92 inches square I had not many options. I don't have many wide fabrics and those I have are not right for this piece. I don't love piecing a back as a vertical seam builds up on the take up bars of the long arm.
What to do?
Another option for piecing occurred to me. What about taking a foundation piecing approach to the back and follow the edges of the center? This is what I did.
I began by putting the top backwards on the design wall (seams facing out). I did this almost as if I were blocking to make sure it was square.
Next I sprayed adhesive (505 by ODIF) on the top and applied a layer of batting.
Then the center got sprayed down. The first corner was pinned to the sandwich and flipped, stitching in the ditch to secure. I pressed it open and basted the edges. On to another corner.
Like an over scale square in a square - only on the back!
Now on to quilting... do I hear some bobbin work calling to add to the interest of the back? Perhaps...

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